Want cheaper pet insurance? A GPS collar might help…

You may have heard in the media about insurance company More Than offering a 20% discount on pet insurance premiums if you have your dog fitted with a GPS collar (link to full story in The Telegraph here).

All sounds a bit out there, but in fact I think this could be a good thing for animal welfare if it means dogs get sufficient exercise.  The move apparently is in response to rising pet obesity and subsequent vet bills.  Unfortunately, like obesity in people, the problem is rarely has only a single cause, and my feeling is that it is the same in pets.  Getting enough exercise is not the only factor, with diet being the other obvious one to address. At least it’s a step in the right direction, as so many dogs receive too little exercise and their welfare is compromised as a result.  Remember though, it’s not just physical exercise that’s important to your dog, but mental stimulation as well.  In fact, for some dogs this is vital, especially working breeds.

I had no idea how much GPS collars cost, but I did a quick search on Amazon and found one for less than £30.  Not sure how good it is, there are quite a few products ranging from £60 to more than £150, but whatever you spend, hopefully the cost will be offset by the savings made in insurance premiums.  Certainly worth considering I think.