I caught something on the BBC evening news last night about pet owners not keeping their microchip details up to date.  In all honesty I was trying to get the children to bed at the time, so didn’t get any more details…  But it occurred to me that: 1. I […]

Are your pet’s microchip details up to date?

You’ve probably heard about ticks in the news lately.  They are on the rise in the UK.  Tick bites and their associated diseases, including Lyme Disease (which affects people too) and Babesia are a hazard that pet owners need to be aware of. Prevention is key, either by repelling the […]

Should YOU Be Worried About Ticks?

This ear cleaner is very effective in cleaning wax and discharge from the ear canals.  It can even treat ear infections.  There are only two ingredients and you simply mix them together: Half a cup of boiled water, cooled so it’s just warm Half a cup of white distilled vinegar […]

Easy Home-Made Ear Cleaner For Your Dog

pumpkin seed for anal glands
When we talk about anal “glands”, we actually mean the anal sacs which are located either side of the anus in the 4 o’ clock and 7 o’clock positions.  About the size of a blueberry, they continually produce a light brown fluid which smells very fishy and unpleasant. This fluid […]

How To Stop Your Dog Suffering With Anal Gland Problems

vet fees paying
One thing I know a lot of pet owners like to be clued up about is what they can expect to be charged for certain things at the vets.  The new list gives you an idea of average UK prices for lots of different treatments and services.  I update it […]

New Vet Fees List Now Up!

hip dysplasia dogs
Canine hip dysplasia is a complex disease and a subject that many dog owners seriously worry about. There is a lot of information out there on the internet, but unfortunately like all subjects, some of it is inaccurate or of poor quality. It can theoretically occur in any breed of […]

Hip Dysplasia in Dogs

cat jumping arthritis
Osteoarthritis (OA) is extremely common in pets of all ages, but it is more common in middle and old age.  For many animals it can be debilitating or even life-limiting.  Early diagnosis is key. Starting to treat your pet when symptoms are mild can help slow the progression of the […]

Managing Arthritis in Dogs and Cats

vomiting dog
Diarrhoea with or without vomiting is probably the most common complaint I see in my consulting room every day. So, it’s likely you have already taken your pet to your vet for this reason in the past. Most of the time both diarrhoea and vomiting are self-limiting and resolve within […]

Vomiting and Diarrhoea in dogs and cats: Should I be ...

I see dogs and cats every day with gum disease and tartar build up that requires de-scaling under general anaesthetic.  I get asked by owners if there is anything they can do to prevent it happening again.  The answer is yes! Just 60 seconds a day (or 2 minutes every […]

60 seconds a day doing THIS will save you hundreds ...

kitten vaccinations
The short answer is yes for outdoor dogs and cats, but you need to make sure your vet is not giving unnecessary vaccines in that booster they are giving… Dogs In the UK, we routinely vaccinate dogs against: Parvovirus (haemorrhagic gastroenteritis) Distemper virus Adenovirus (Hepatitis) Leptospirosis Optional: Bordetella Bronchiseptica (“kennel […]

Do I really need to have my pet vaccinated every ...