Dogs die in hot cars!

dogs die in hot cars

It angers me that dogs still die (or come close to dying) in hot cars due to being left alone during the Spring/Summer months.  It does not have to be particularly hot outside to become dangerously warm inside a car in a relatively short amount of time.


Even with a window open the temperature in the car can become life threatening for your dog, so please don’t consider leaving a dog unattended for anything but a very short amount of time.  If you are parked in a fully shaded area it is still important to check on the dog/s every 20 minutes or so and provide drinking water as humidity is just as a risk as direct sunlight.  If it feels warm in the car, don’t risk it.  Equally, conservatories can become very hot on sunny days, so always leave your dog in a cool room if you have to leave them for any length of time.